Yves Klein

Merci a Rotraut Klein et Famille Moquay

ikb45ant57canvabluu Yves-Klein-IKB-Sold241125226_large.29561202_large
red mono 5488_9-yves-klein-re-22-le-rose-du-bleu-copy
moon-iire47_2yves-klein-e2809cuntitled-gold-monochromee2809d-1962KLEIN-Petite-Venusimage_511 OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA20120831-110947cccartwork_images_154249_179264_yves-kleinYvesKleinyves-klein26_venus_bleue_yves_klein_1024x0 6997365443_5edbb4f3eb_zd_theatre_1954_1 d7 yves-klein-la-vent-du-voyage-the-wind-of-the-journey-c-1961f45 f93 canvas545 leap-into-the-void-yves-klein yves-klein-6


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