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Roland Barthes_ Mythologies2465135828524622573rules6336478041234261721voltaire

Copenhagen 2009 C02 thermonuclear change6727698656302787536collectorcard-2.5inx3.5in-h-round Darth Vader _ Dark Vador_monroe_warhol (repost)67572815056270333979634405510715_94c4925c27_o ricard_9004548363103_0d6c7da9d1_b 4635972283_7e80b49e6a_o 4640079168_212c318781_o Cetelem_900conversation 2 conversation 5CMJN de baseGo back creationists2234805693176991569iMac I haven-t lost my mind_ I have a backup somewhere _ Sociology of objects899193355069444997 Luke I-m your father2574823709543068203 Macintosh 128 K Children are the dots that connect the lines from generation to generation _ Sociology of objects1030630804056749615 Monsanto _ Designing our world1220894975763647598 CMJN de basesomewhere over the rainbow _ Too much noise about H1N18974297807334510133 stand up for your rights _codex alimentarius4537432950655447104 Star wars genealogy (the true)7517672161629095087 CMJN de base valium_900 voltaire 4408114879_5ef76f9a68_o


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