Do Ho Suh

Do Ho Suh 
Staircase-III 2010 by Do Ho Suh born 1962
tumblr_mru1tmXSTX1roll6uo1_1280suh-5suh-1Suh_LM8478_Reflection_LMG_Chrystie_Street_02_hr2Unknown Suh_LM15727_Specimen_Series_hr2 Suh_LM10873_Staircase_V_Hayward_03_hr2 suh_lm6810_paratrooper_i_lmg_inst_det02_hr2 specimen_series_exhibition_do-ho_suh_05Suh__Kanazawa_2013_Inst_02_hr2 SeoulHomeL.A.HomeRest-Room london-home-1999lehmannmaupin15lehmannmaupin09lehmannmaupin02Do-Ho-Suh-Perfect-Home-Kitchen-Yellowtracedo-ho-suh-perfect-home-ii-2003maxresdefault 6fusebox_lrHome_Within_Home_Sculptural_Installation_Do_Ho_Suh_Cubeme1


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